Hi friends! We are Justine and Zach of Justine Wright Photography, and we're so happy you're here! 

We are a husband + wife hybrid photography team based out of lovely St. Louis, MO. Both of us were born and raised in (relatively) small Midwest towns, met in college, and, as they say... the rest is history. Several years of graduate school, a cross-country move to Florida, two (sassy) felines, and one baby later... we are finally home. By day, Justine works in education and Zach in software development, but by light, we fully embrace our role as natural light photographers!  

You see, after Zach proposed in October 2015, we found ourselves enamored with the beautiful work of fine-art film photographers. "What is this visual wizardry?!" we thought to ourselves as we searched for our own wedding photog. Just months after we had our engagement photos taken, Justine made the plunge and purchased her first medium format film camera... and a year later, Justine Wright Photography was born!

When it comes to our style, we're incredibly fond of soft, natural light, neutral tones, and those quiet, in-between moments that tell your story. We're also firm believers that the best way for us to tell your story is to know it, first, so we're going to want to hear all about you, your event, and your vision before we actually work together! The more details you can give us, the better. While we believe that a good photograph should be aesthetically pleasing, we believe that a great photograph should evoke emotion... so when we click our shutters, we strive to create images that give you #allthefeels (today and every day).